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Monya Riachi
b.1990 Khenchara, Lebanon

Working across sculpture, installation and painting, Monya’s practice engages with material artefacts as sites of meaning and embedded social archives.


Her work engages with the social, personal and political reality of her home country Lebanon, processed through time and distance. She employs a deconstructive sculptural process, exploring the voice of her materials as ‘subjects-in-becoming’. Her work explores alternate practices of collecting and preservation with a consideration to the varying temporalities of matter’s dynamism.


Born and raised in Lebanon, she moved to the United Kingdom in 2013, where she worked in full-time employment until earning passport freedom in 2020.


Her work has been featured in The Herald and The Scotsman, and she has completed a residency with Ashkal Alwan in Beirut, Lebanon (2022).


2023 -  Master of Fine Art (MFA), Glasgow School of Art

2013 -  BArch (Architecture), American University of Beirut


2022 - MFA Interim Show,  Glasgow, U.K.

2022 - Do Something,  Glasgow, U.K.

2021 - Rinse, online

2020 - Open Studios,  London, U.K.


2022 - Ashkal Alwan, Beirut, Lebanon

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